Winkle Bears originated in South Africa and was established in 2006. Christine Jacobs is a self taught bear artist from South Africa, now living in Australia.  She is 31 years old and an accountant and mum of a little girl called Amelia. She has handmade her teddy bears from original designs.  It is found that it takes between 10 and 20 years to be a world-renown bear artist and although only in the game for a few years, she plans to enter her bears into international competitions in the future to gain ‘Award Winning’ status to be competitive in the bear artist market around the world.

Christine has been profiled in South Africa’s “Stitches and Bears” magazineStiches 'n Bears Issue 1 Cover in December 2008
 and as well as one of her original patterns (for Quintillian), specially designed for the magazine’s release, was also published.

Winkle Bears initially sold bear making supplies. Due to the relocation to Australia, we currently sell only mohair, patterns and teddy bears.

We hope that soon kits will be sold too along with other bear making supplies.






Schulte Day 2007Christine has also given talks at
Teddy Tech Schulte day at
Indaba Hotel in Johannesburg.

Volume 18 No.3 Australian Bear CreationsABC


Social Responsibility

When supplies were sold these were sold at very low prices (minimal mark-up) with the view of increasing the possibilities for poorer bear makers to get involved and start sewing. This created awareness but the economic downturn has taken its toll worldwide. We hope that in the future we are able to provide bear-making materials and supplies for the lowest prices possible.

In 2007 Christine visited a Christian missionary orphanage to help out for the day and teach some sewing skills through the making of a miniature teddy bear.  The African children were delighted to be able to be introduced to a new skill.

In 2010 Winkle Bears has donated a fully jointed, Schulte Mohair, collectable teddy Bear to Capita Fiduciary Group. This soulfully sad teddy (Olivance) was auctioned during September 2010 and all proceeds went to charity.

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